Adoption Aid

Adoption Aid

Faith in the Waiting: The Shoumaker Family

August 11, 2015

Right now, there areĀ children around the world who are waiting for their forever family. Children just like 5 year-old Martin, 4 year-old Olivia, and 2 year-old Malvina who are currently living in a foster home in Poland, where they are unable to receive the love and stability of a forever family. But there is still […]

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3 Things to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

November 14, 2014

At Show Hope, we believe that every child needs a family. Right now in the United States, there are thousands of childrenĀ in the foster care system who are waiting for a forever family of their own. They may go to school with your kids or they may even go to your church, but one thing […]


3 Things You Should Know About International Adoption

May 28, 2014

When considering adding to your family through international adoption, the idea of navigating the laws and regulations of a foreign government can seem daunting and overwhelming at first. Whether you are considering international adoption yourself, or are interested in supporting those who are, here are three things that may be helpful to understand about the […]


4 Medical Needs Impacting Children Waiting for a Family

May 16, 2014

When considering adoption, it is so important for families to be familiar with the many unknowns, including the possible physical and emotional needs of the child. Children who have been orphaned face a wide range of medical concerns that can be rare or uncommon in our culture. However, with proper education regarding what medical issues […]


3 Things You Should Know About Waiting Children

March 19, 2014

As we strive to restore hope to orphans around the world, the following three things are helpful to keep in mind: 1. God calls each child by name. God has given all of us an instinctual yearning to be known by name. When discussing the global orphan crisis, it is important to remember that the […]


3 Things You Should Know About the Orphan Crisis

November 18, 2013

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PLIGHT OF WAITING CHILDREN Have you ever imagined growing up without a mom or dad? Or facing life alone on the streets just because you were the second born? These are the harsh realities that orphans are facing today, right now in 2013. The orphan crisis is a topic that many […]