3 Things You Should Know About the Orphan Crisis

November 18, 2013

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PLIGHT OF WAITING CHILDREN Have you ever imagined growing up without a mom or dad? Or facing life alone on the streets just because you were the second born? These are the harsh realities that orphans are facing today, right now in 2013. The orphan crisis is a topic that many […]

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Lessons from a Life-Changing Trip to China

October 11, 2013

A group of ambitious young students recently returned from a trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope in China in awe of the new perspective and knowledge the trip had given to them. Each student gained a tremendous amount of insight in regard to the world orphan crisis and grew in ways they never thought […]

Care Centers

Maria’s Big House of Hope: A Very Special Place

September 13, 2013

Show Hope’s flagship Special Care Center, Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH), is a very special place! When I try to describe MBHOH to someone who has never visited, I find it difficult to effectively describe the countless ways in which it has touched my heart. It’s special in one way because of the people […]

10 Year Anniversary

TOP TEN Ministry Highlights: 6. Sending Our First Short-Term Trip

May 20, 2013

This is the sixth entry in our “TOP TEN Highlights From 10 Years of Ministry” series. Click here to read previous entries>>> 6. Sending Our First Short-Term Trip Today we send more than one hundred brave individuals onto the mission field every year to understand and live out their calling to care for orphans. The first trip […]