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A Look Inside Show Hope’s Care Centers!

Take a look inside our Special Care Centers and see what all the wonderful kiddos have been up to lately! The love and life-giving care that these children are able to receive at Show Hope’s four Special Care Centers in China is only made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and donors. Not everyone…

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Renovations at the Zhengzhou Care Center!

A few months ago, we introduced you to Chance, a fun-loving little boy at our Zhengzhou Special Care Center. Chance, along with 44 other babies and our nursing staff, are hearing the sounds of construction just one floor below them! It is an exciting time here because we were recently asked to expand our work…

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Care Centers Spotlight: In Albert’s Shoes

When Albert walks into preschool, the first thing he does is take off his shoes. As the self-appointed shoe police, he always checks to make sure everyone has their shoes off and quickly lines them all up next to his. After the shoes are organized, Albert will find my shoes and put his tiny feet…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Nurse Ryker

We have a new nurse here at Maria’s Big House of Hope and his name is Ryker! He is a sweet little boy who loves to help our nurse, Heidi, with her daily rounds. Ryker is a wonderful helper who loves to put the stethoscope on and listen carefully for the heartbeat! Of course, no check-up…

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Merry Christmas from Maria’s Big House of Hope!

This year, Maria’s Big House of Hope is so blessed to have its very own Christmas angel! While decorating for the holidays in her pre-school class, Hope loved to wear her halo and shine her bright, cheerful smile! Her visible joy radiated throughout the halls of this special place. In the midst of the hustle…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Ysabelle

Ysabelle was admitted to our Zhengzhou Special Care Center a little over a year ago when she was just nine months old. She was diagnosed with CHD and our medical staff quickly determined she would need heart surgery. In January, Ysabelle was sent to one of the best hospitals for what we had hoped to…

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November Prayer Focus: Marleigh

Meet Marleigh! She is a happy and playful 4-month-old who was recently admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope. She is starting to reach for toys and is even learning to roll over! She enjoys small amounts of playtime on her tummy and loves cuddling with her nanny. Marleigh was born with a heart condition…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Nathalie

Nathalie arrived at Maria’s Big House of Hope when she was two years old with a diagnosis of Down syndrome and congenital heart disease.  She received surgery to correct the CHD earlier this year and recently celebrated her 3rd birthday. Nathalie is a sweet and playful little girl and it has been fun to watch…

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