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2014 Annual Men’s Construction Trip to China

This past week, there was a lot of noise and activity going on at Maria’s Big House of Hope!! In addition to the usual happy sounds of children laughing and playing, there were also sounds of a brand new playground being built on the rooftop! Every year, one of our short-term trips is composed of…

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Thoughts From an Eye-Opening Trip to Haiti

Read below as Sarah, a student who recently joined Show Hope on a short-term trip to Haiti, describes her eye-opening experience with the children of Haiti and how God is continuing to teach her the true meaning of James 1:27. Twenty years ago, my parents adopted me from Russia, giving me the greatest gift possible:…

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3 Ways to Care for Orphans This Christmas

Christmas is not only a time that is filled with much celebration and activity, but also a time we most deeply feel the significance of family in our lives. This year, consider ways that YOU can give hope to orphans and adoptive families. Here are three ways you can be the spark of hope for…

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Maria’s Big House of Hope: A Very Special Place

Show Hope’s flagship Special Care Center, Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH), is a very special place! When I try to describe MBHOH to someone who has never visited, I find it difficult to effectively describe the countless ways in which it has touched my heart. It’s special in one way because of the people…

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Not Allowed To Cry

This past week, I joined with 21 strangers from across the country to visit a children’s village in Jacmel, Haiti. I think that for most of us, our week began as a fun trip that required very little jet lag adjustment, included the possibility of expanding our view of God, and held the guarantee of…

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Genuine Love and Devotion

Tap tap tap.  Tap tap tap. The frantic tapping stops as the door swings open to reveal the tear-stained face of a devoted Nanny. “Nurse, my baby is very sick! Please come!”  The adrenaline rings throughout the kitchen as the nurses hurry to the sick child.  The nanny stands back, trying to control her tears…

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So far, my time at Maria’s Big House of Hope can be summed up in one word: thankful. I am thankful for this place and the people who work so diligently to keep it running smoothly. I am thankful for the opportunity to visit—and to those who made it possible by supporting me financially. I…

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