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6 Comments About Adoption That Can Be Offensive (Part Two)

A few weeks ago, we posted this article that focused on comments that can be offensive to families built through adoption. After posting the article, we heard from so many people who shared stories of their own experience with insensitive questions or comments. Here is a list of 6 additional comments that we received from…

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4 Comments About Adoption You Didn’t Know Were Offensive

Many people are unfamiliar with the full experience of those impacted by adoption and as a result, can risk inadvertently being offensive or insensitive in their comments or questions. As we seek to bring vulnerable children home to families, we want to be careful to use our words in a way that supports and brings…

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Adopt

Not everyone is called to adopt. In considering whether adoption is a good choice for you, think about important aspects of your life that will be impacted by this decision (both the benefits and the challenges). The following questions might be a help as you think about the impact of adding a child to your…

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