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Dress-Up Day at Maria’s Big House of Hope

We recently received new dress-up clothes for our preschool class at Maria’s Big House of Hope. We were so excited for the children to dress up, so we invited some of the older kiddos into the preschool room for a little dress-up party! It took a little bit of prodding, but we were able to…

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Maria’s Big House of Hope!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is one of my favorite holidays because I get to shower the ones dearest to me with an extra dose of love and care.  This year, I had the special privilege of spending time with all the preschool children at Maria’s Big House of Hope. We threw a great big Valentine’s Day…

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Let the Little Children Come

Hope has called Maria’s Big House of Hope her home for more than two years now. You may recognize her from previous blogs, print pieces, and this recent video Sponsor Update. Hope has come a long way since she first arrived at MBHOH, during which time she was severely malnourished in addition to her diagnosis…

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Ringing in the Year of the Snake

     In most parts of the world, the New Year holiday has given way to Valentine’s Day and will turn to St. Patrick’s Day later this week. New Year’s resolutions have run their short course and we are back into the habits of everyday life. That’s in most parts of the world….But here in China,…

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Green Eggs and a Class Full of Hams!

     Every year in March, children across America celebrate the birthday of an iconic children’s book, The Cat in the Hat, and its author, Dr. Seuss. As a preschool teacher, Dr. Seuss has become a beloved author to me, and his stories have a way of reaching children in a unique way…even for children half-way…

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SEEing the Sea Animals

This was an exciting week for the preschoolers at MBHOH as we prepared for another field trip. We have spent the last few months learning about farm animals, zoo animals, and most recently animals that live in water. On Tuesday, we loaded up the vans and headed to a local aquarium. We were also glad to…

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The Love of Friendship

A few weeks ago our preschool class welcomed a new student, Hope. It was so neat to see that the excitement I felt was also reflected in Hope’s classmates. At first, they were a bit hesitant, but there was something about her that immediately made them feel at ease with her: Hope’s smile. Although she…

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Worthy of Being Celebrated

I love birthdays. I always have and hopefully always will. When I was a child, I loved the gifts. While I still love giving and receiving gifts, birthdays have come to mean so much more the older I’ve gotten: birthdays are a day to celebrate individuals. Yes, we should celebrate and appreciate each other more…

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Back to School Jitters

It has happened like clock work for the past 7 years… The dreams usually start right around mid-July. Dreams of children running in and out of my classroom completely out of my control. Dreams of kids not listening to a word I say. If you are a teacher, you probably know exactly what I am…

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