4 Areas of Orphan Care That Need Your Support

March 30, 2015

Show Hope is committed to restoring the hope of a family to orphans in distress. With more than 140 million orphans around the world, the need is great! Here are four areas of orphan care that need your support: 1. Adoption Aid For $35/month, you can become a Show Hope sponsor and help bring a […]

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5 Terrible Causes of the Orphan Crisis

December 12, 2014

    Today‚Äôs orphan crisis currently affects more than 140 million children across the world. This number is staggering, leading many to wonder how and why this has happened. Here are five terrible causes of the global orphan crisis: 1. HIV/AIDS Worldwide, there are an estimated 17.8 million children under the age of 18 who […]


Top 4 Ways Governments Can Protect Children

October 24, 2014

Although the work of Show Hope and other great ministries make a huge impact on the global orphan crisis, our support for waiting children can only grow through the help of governments that are willing to protect and care for children in distress. Here are four ways governments can protect orphans: 1. Join the Hague […]


3 Things You Should Know About the Orphan Crisis

November 18, 2013

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PLIGHT OF WAITING CHILDREN Have you ever imagined growing up without a mom or dad? Or facing life alone on the streets just because you were the second born? These are the harsh realities that orphans are facing today, right now in 2013. The orphan crisis is a topic that many […]