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Fall On Your Knees

As we walked around the Hands and Feet village in Haiti my heart sank. Within these walls were 70 children who live without parents. I have known for years that there were more than 140 million fatherless children in the world, but I tend to only think of the children I’ve met in the past…

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From Unaware, to Aware, To Action

“Last year, my friend Emmy Kate and I were introduced to Show Hope by our lovely dance teacher and Show Hope staff member, Julia Chapman. One day in class she told us that Show Hope was holding a kick-off event for the high school initiative, called “The Movement,” which enabled high school students to spread…

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The Perfect Place to Get Involved

Many people think you have to go to a foreign country to care for orphans. What people fail to realize is that there are orphans in our own backyards. Dodge For The Cause was not only a night used to raise money for a local foster home, but also a night used to raise awareness…

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Sharing about the Movement Club

This past Saturday night, Movement Club students from all over the Nashville area gathered together at the Show Hope offices to help raise money for a local couple, Frazier and Nina Dyson. The Dysons are going to Arkansas to bring home their daughter this week! Everyone worked hard making fun, floral hair pins and survival…

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Show Hope’s student initiative grows!

Yesterday I walked into the Show Hope office for my first day as the “Student Initiatives Programs Associate,” and I found my new desk decorated with Show Hope merchandise, a bouquet of flowers and a gift bag with all kinds of fun office-y things. Both Chris Wheeler, who I will be reporting to, and the…

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Give Students Opportunities to Amaze You

I continually find myself surprised by the sheer capacity of students. We often have students who are involved with The Movement Clubs come to the Show Hope office to volunteer. What amazes me is how quickly they knock projects out. I set them up on a project; turn around twice and the students are coming…

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