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Just Try to be Present

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman

  From Mary Beth Chapman, Show Hope’s co-founder and president. This week, I’ve been reflecting on my most recent Mother’s Day. I found myself anxiously waiting for the day to pass. But when the day actually came, I realized how blessed I was to be celebrating it. Our Maria’s 14th birthday was Saturday, May 13th.…

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April Prayer Focus: AvaJo

We’re so excited for you to meet AvaJo. She is a 3-year-old princess who we just love. She’s full of life and spunk, and her curiosity keeps her on her toes! AvaJo is always exploring when she plays outside. AvaJo is friendly and outgoing, and she’s also cuddly and sweet. She can go from playing full-speed…

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A Whimsical God

Have you ever pictured God as whimsical? I hadn’t until about eight years ago. I’ve often pictured God as loving, gentle, strong, and jealous—you know, the characteristics many of us grew up reading about. Those characteristics would allow my imagination to conjure up a picture of God in my mind. Whether that was an image…

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Valentine’s Day Celebration at Maria’s Big House of Hope

It’s Valentine’s Day at Maria’s Big House of Hope. The children celebrated in style with red and pink heart-shaped sunglasses on their faces and decorations galore. The kids had so much fun decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies, which they made during preschool earlier in the day. The staff and nannies praised their creativity as they piled…

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Choosing to SEE

We painted last week at Maria’s Big House of Hope… a lot. One morning at breakfast our group of guys gathered and shared about the hope in the darkness. That hope came and still comes through the tragic, sudden loss of Maria Sue Chunxi Chapman on May 21, 2008. This building (along with four other…

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A Word From Mary Beth Chapman: Glimpses of Goodness

May is always a difficult month for the Chapmans. It reminds us of what is missing, or broken if you will. Maria as most of you know, went to be with Jesus on the 21st of May, 2008. Since that day, May always presents itself with the dread of anticipating “the day”. Our family always…

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Beauty From Ashes: Remembering Maria Chapman

Show Hope’s Director of Operations, Charley Redmond, remembers the beautiful life of Maria Sue Chapman and reflects on the powerful ways God has brought beauty from ashes. I remember the phone call as if it was yesterday. A friend called to tell me that Maria Chapman had gone to be with Jesus due to a…

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Remembering Maria Today

Four years ago today Maria Sue Chapman went to be with Jesus. While we continue to grieve this loss, we also have great hope as we see God’s hand working redemption from this loss. I am reminded of Caleb Chapman’s analogy that walking through this tragedy is much like trying to understand a great impressionist’s…

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Comforting my Homesick Heart

When I first arrived in China last February, I often found myself searching for anything that would bring an ounce of familiarity to my new life…where nothing was familiar. I searched for familiar smells, foods, and even just little moments in the day that would make me feel just a little closer to home. One…

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Maria’s Legacy in One Year

May 21 marks the one year anniversary of Maria Sue Chapman’s entrance into heaven to be with Jesus. Five days after the tragic death of Maria the show hope team gathered for the first time, formally, in our board room.I clearly remember the tears trickling down my face and sharing with everyone the overwhelming sense…

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