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Care Centers Spotlight: October Birthday Bash

Birthdays are a special part of a child’s life and we love to celebrate them here at Maria’s Big House of Hope. Last month, we invited the children to help us celebrate all of our October birthdays!  It was one of the BIGGEST birthday parties I have ever been to!  We had cake, balloons, and…

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Loved For Who You Are

We recently celebrated a big milestone birthday for one of Dr. Martin’s children and to help celebrate, I embarked on a piñata-making project with the their five oldest kids. The result of our efforts was five colorful and beautifully decorated piñatas! The preschoolers at Maria’s Big House of Hope joined in the birthday celebration and…

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Ringing in the Year of the Snake

     In most parts of the world, the New Year holiday has given way to Valentine’s Day and will turn to St. Patrick’s Day later this week. New Year’s resolutions have run their short course and we are back into the habits of everyday life. That’s in most parts of the world….But here in China,…

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Worthy of Being Celebrated

I love birthdays. I always have and hopefully always will. When I was a child, I loved the gifts. While I still love giving and receiving gifts, birthdays have come to mean so much more the older I’ve gotten: birthdays are a day to celebrate individuals. Yes, we should celebrate and appreciate each other more…

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