Care Centers

Care Centers

January Prayer Focus: Samantha

January 5, 2015

Samantha was admitted to our Jiaozuo Care Center in the summer of 2011 when she was seven months old. She was diagnosed with a developmental delay and has been able to make incredible progress throughout the past three years! Show Hope is blessed to be able to provide the love, care, and support that Samantha […]

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Maria's Big House of Hope

January Prayer Focus: Dagonet

January 9, 2014

Dagonet is a precious 3-year-old who was admitted to Maria‚Äôs Big House of Hope (MBHOH) in November. He has already made much progress and we are thrilled to see him respond so positively to the love and life-giving care he has been able to receive at MBHOH. Even though Dagonet is not able to communicate […]