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4 Things the Bible Says About Orphans

God’s heart for the orphan is clearly displayed throughout the Old and New Testaments. Below is a short list of what the Bible says about children living as orphans. What are some other ways God shows his love for these precious children? Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite verse! 1. All Waiting…

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We Are All Adopted

God’s call to care for orphans is woven throughout Scripture. Whether you are working to add to your family through adoption or are considering other ways that your gifts and talents might be used to provide for the needs of waiting children, it is clear that we are all called to do something. It doesn’t…

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Thoughts From an Eye-Opening Trip to Haiti

Read below as Sarah, a student who recently joined Show Hope on a short-term trip to Haiti, describes her eye-opening experience with the children of Haiti and how God is continuing to teach her the true meaning of James 1:27. Twenty years ago, my parents adopted me from Russia, giving me the greatest gift possible:…

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What is a Show Hope Advocate?

Show Hope advocates are grassroots leaders who raise funds and awareness in their communities by utilizing their talents, gifts, and passions to speak up for orphans in distress. They’re donating birthdays, running marathons, and hosting garage sales…all to restore the HOPE of a family to waiting children around the world. Above all, our advocates are…

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Advent Reflections: The Visit That Changed Eternity

Read below as Mindy Cook, our Communications Project Coordinator, reflects on the holy season of Advent. Why are we told to visit orphans in their distress? This is a question I’ve mulled over many times as I’ve considered James 1:27. Why visit? Honestly, the term seems rather innocuous, bringing to mind images of sitting around…

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Spring 2013 Limited Edition Designs

I’m excited to announce two brand new limited editions designs for spring 2013! As part of our Limited Edition merchandise line, these shirts carry messages that highlight the heart of Show Hope’s mission to care for orphans and join the lonely with families. I encourage you to check them out and consider purchasing one to…

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