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September Prayer Focus: Mavis

Mavis is an endearing almost-one-year-old boy who is under care at our Zhengzhou Care Center. Admitted to Show Hope’s care when he was just one day old, the staff here has watched Mavis grow from a little baby boy to a young toddler. He recently learned how to crawl, and has since become quite adventurous,…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Gisela-Annalise

Gisela-Annalise is a beautiful and energetic almost-three-year-old who lives at Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH). She was admitted to MBHOH when she was one month old and has since been able to receive medical care and surgery to help correct her gastrointestinal malformation. Gisela-Annalise is adventurous and loves trying new things and meeting new…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Jessica-Hope

Maria’s Big House of Hope welcomed Jessica-Hope during the summer of 2014. When she arrived, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and a gastrointestinal malformation. Jessica-Hope was only one month old at the time of her admission, but within a few short months under our care she received two surgeries to help correct her…

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February Prayer Focus: Dalton

Dalton is a six-month-old baby boy with a smile that lights up the room. He was admitted to our Jiaozuo Care Center when he was one month old and was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal malformation. During his time under our care, he has been able to receive a successful surgery to help repair his gastrointestinal…

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Special Prayer Request: Henry

For the past two years, Henry has been under care at Maria’s Big House of Hope. Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors, he has been able to receive several life-saving surgeries for his gastrointestinal malformation. We are grateful that he has the opportunity for a healthy and active life! Henry is two years old…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Sophie

Have you ever met someone and just known that you will never meet anyone else quite like them again? Little Sophie from our Care Center in China has that effect on most everyone she meets. When you first see her, you see your average, if exceptionally cute, two-year-old. Then, you spend five minutes with her…

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