Adoption Aid

Adoption Aid

20:20 Campaign: The Burmeister Family

April 14, 2016

Felix and Alison Burmeister’s adoption journey began on the other side of the world. The two met in Pakistan when they were working as cross-cultural workers. Both Felix and Alison had a strong desire to someday start a family, and believe now that God’s plan is for them to grow their family through adoption. They […]

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10 Easy Meals to Make for Newly Adoptive Families

March 24, 2016

We’re all about equipping loving and encouraging communities to surround adoptive families with the support they need to thrive. There are plenty of simple, practical ways you can join us in caring for children. In fact, we wrote a free book about those ways to help you out even more. One great way to show […]


4 Ways Your Family Can Help Orphans

March 14, 2016

Family is a gift from God. The family reflects God’s love and community, and is meant to be used for his glory. At Show Hope we believe that the family plays a powerful role in the movement to care for orphans. Right now, there are more than 140 million children around the world who are […]


Five Inspiring Stories of Adoption

January 27, 2016

Every year, Show Hope witnesses the formation of thousands of families through both domestic and international adoptions. It is a joy to see! God’s call to care for orphans is especially sweet when found in the journey of individual families. The adoption process can be long and burdensome, but these five families approached their decisions […]


Adopted or Biological: They are “Your Own” Kids

January 22, 2016

The importance of adoption in the Gospel is undeniable. God is the master storyteller. He weaves together every thread in the fabric of history for the purpose of his glory and redemptive cause. He takes every detail into consideration. There is one small detail of his story that is often missed, but so important: Jesus […]


Can Adoptive Parents get the “Baby Blues” Too?

January 20, 2016

After a baby is born, it’s not uncommon for the mother or father to experience a period of depression referred to as the “Baby Blues.” In more severe cases, these feelings are called postpartum depression. It’s less known, but just as common, for adoptive parents to experience a similar depression soon after a child is placed […]


Every Parent is a “Real” Parent

January 7, 2016

Language matters. The way we choose to use our words is vitally important. In the book of James, the tongue is compared to the rudder of a ship. The rudder is a small piece — minuscule in comparison to the size of the massive ship it is attached to — yet it controls the direction […]

Adoption Aid

The Krauss Family Adoption Testimony

September 11, 2015

David and Jacob Krauss came home to their family with the help of a Show Hope grant. Below, the Krauss’ describe their journey to bring them home. You can help bring more waiting children home to families by becoming a Show Hope sponsor today! After returning home from a trip to Guinea, West Africa, I felt the Lord moving […]