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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

While October is most commonly known for hayrides and jack-o-lanterns, it’s also a very important month of awareness. Throughout October, we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We hope to shine the spotlight on the needs of orphans who are born with Down syndrome. In each of our Care Centers in China, we provide care to…

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August Prayer Focus: Zeke

Last summer, Zeke was admitted to our Jiaozuo Care Center when he was one month old. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a life-threatening intestinal complication that required immediate surgery. We thank God that he was able to receive the surgery he needed at the local children’s hospital in Luoyang, China. His…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Nathalie

Nathalie arrived at Maria’s Big House of Hope when she was two years old with a diagnosis of Down syndrome and congenital heart disease.  She received surgery to correct the CHD earlier this year and recently celebrated her 3rd birthday. Nathalie is a sweet and playful little girl and it has been fun to watch…

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What If God Wanted Us to Adopt?

“Several years ago my wife, Jennifer, brought up the idea of adoption. We already had three boys, and I didn’t feel any desire to adopt at that time. In 2009, I attended a pastor’s conference with RD, a friend of mine who was adopting a child with Down Syndrome from Taiwan. I knew it took…

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

“Our journey to adoption began as our family was grieving the stillbirth of two different pregnancies and a miscarriage over the span of two years. The Lord blessed my husband RD and I with four beautiful, healthy children before he entrusted us with the pain of not holding these babies in our arms, so the…

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Silly Little Bundle of Joy

One of my favorite things about getting to know the children at MBHOH is learning their individual personalities. I like knowing what songs they like to sing, what best soothes them when they’re upset, and which tickle game is their favorite. As I learn their personalities, I sometimes dream of what they might want to…

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