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Red Bus Project Spring 2014 Tour Recap!

The Red Bus Project recently arrived back into town after its very successful spring tour! During the five weeks out on the road, we parked our big red bus on 25 college campuses, set up over 100 tents, and had the opportunity to introduce thousands of people to the reality of the global orphan crisis.…

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On the Move Again: Red Bus Project Tour Update!

Today, the Red Bus Project crew is heading back out on the road for the second leg of the Spring 2014 tour! So far, we have engaged 16 of 24 campuses and have seen more than 3,000 students sign up to join the Red Bus Project! This tour is all about speaking up on behalf…

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3 Ways to Mobilize the Next Generation to Care for Orphans

Here at Show Hope, we believe that today’s youth is the future of orphan care. Whether it’s engaging a college student through the Red Bus Project or connecting with a high school student at a Movement Club event, Show Hope strives to prepare and equip future generations to care for orphans. Continue reading as we…

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Students Taking Action: Red Bus Highlights

Show Hope’s Red Bus Project is officially half way through the spring tour! As the orphan care project continues to gain momentum on college campuses through social media and news media, we are excited to see more and more students joining the movement to care for orphans through this amazing student initiative! Here are some…

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Big Red Beacon of Redemption

A big red bus came to my school on Friday. A big red bus filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories. A big red bus serving a greater purpose. The red bus parked on the lawn of the student hub at Berry College, naturally drawing a crowd. The campus buzzed with energy as people flocked to…

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An Incredible Day of Emotion

The Red Bus Project is officially on the road! We can’t believe it. Monday was a day of incredible emotion – just seeing the bus rolling down the highway was remarkable. Our whole team is so excited to finally see this come to life with real students shopping on the bus and coming out to…

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On the Move for Orphans – The Red Bus Project

Show Hope’s Red Bus Project is about to get on the move for orphans! There are only a few days left until our first date at Martin Methodist College! Everyone has been working so hard in preparation for this; our team has already been out on the road pre-promoting and paving the way for the…

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Show Hope’s student initiative grows!

Yesterday I walked into the Show Hope office for my first day as the “Student Initiatives Programs Associate,” and I found my new desk decorated with Show Hope merchandise, a bouquet of flowers and a gift bag with all kinds of fun office-y things. Both Chris Wheeler, who I will be reporting to, and the…

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