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Can Adoptive Parents get the “Baby Blues” Too?

After a baby is born, it’s not uncommon for the mother or father to experience a period of depression referred to as the “Baby Blues.” In more severe cases, these feelings are called postpartum depression. It’s less known, but just as common, for adoptive parents to experience a similar depression soon after a child is…

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4 Ways to Pray for Newly Adoptive Families

Show Hope exists to care for orphans and to restore the hope of a family to orphans in distress. When Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth founded Show Hope, they dreamt about the far-reaching impacts that the organization has today. As you partner with Show Hope through financial giving and support, also consider these four…

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Adoption Options: Closed, Semi-Open, and Open Adoptions

When pursuing domestic adoption, there are numerous aspects to consider. People often have varying definitions of what an open or closed adoption means, but here is a general idea of what each entails: Closed With closed adoptions, the adoptive family and birth family do not have contact before, during, or after the adoption process. All…

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3 Things Adoptive Parents Want You To Know

At Show Hope, we are always encouraged to hear stories of children once waiting, being brought into the love and nurture of a family through adoption. Whether you hope to adopt in the future or have added to your family by adoption multiple times, there are always new things to learn. Here are three things…

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4 Comments About Adoption You Didn’t Know Were Offensive

Many people are unfamiliar with the full experience of those impacted by adoption and as a result, can risk inadvertently being offensive or insensitive in their comments or questions. As we seek to bring vulnerable children home to families, we want to be careful to use our words in a way that supports and brings…

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