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4 Ways to Pray for Newly Adoptive Families

Show Hope exists to care for orphans and to restore the hope of a family to orphans in distress. When Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth founded Show Hope, they dreamt about the far-reaching impacts that the organization has today. As you partner with Show Hope through financial giving and support, also consider these four…

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5 Stressful Challenges of New Families

Every growing family inevitably encounters some level of struggle as it transitions with each new family member. For families bringing a child home through adoption, the encouragement and support of those in their community is key. Here are 5 challenges common to new families growing through adoption and ideas on how you can help encourage…

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3 Prayers for Families Considering Adoption

Whether you’re deciding if adoption is the right path for your family, or if you’re already in the process, here are three prayers that you can bring before God: 1. “Lord, we need Your wisdom.” When we have a question about something  happening in our life, one of the first things we do is go…

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5 Ways to Support Adoptive & Foster Families

When the Bible instructs us  “to visit the orphan and widow in their affliction”, it is not just speaking to those who are called to adopt or provide for vulnerable children through foster care – it is speaking to everyone. So what happens when you aren’t in the position to become a foster parent or…

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Sample Letter to Friends and Family

As families move toward placement in their adoption process, one area of concern is often how to preserve the process of attachment with their new child while also embracing the excitement of their family and friends. One idea that can be of great help in this area is to help those closest to you understand…

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3 Reasons Why Adoption Aid is Important

Millions of children all over the world are longing for the love of a forever family, but the current cost of adoption can be tens of thousands of dollars. Due to this financial barrier, some families who long to adopt can’t afford it. Show Hope’s Adoption Aid program helps make the process more affordable by…

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The Garrard Family: “What a journey it has been!”

Below, the Garrard family shares about their journey bringing their two children home from South Africa with the help of a Show Hope grant! Adoption. What a journey it has been! By the power of God and his desire to move mountains on behalf of orphans, we are now a family of seven. My husband,…

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3 Ways To Support Adoptive Families

Do you have a friend or family member in the midst of their adoption process? If so, you have likely wondered how to best support them in their journey. The desire to help is the best place to start, but the difficult part is figuring out how to provide the right kind of help! Here…

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3 Ways to Care for Orphans This Christmas

Christmas is not only a time that is filled with much celebration and activity, but also a time we most deeply feel the significance of family in our lives. This year, consider ways that YOU can give hope to orphans and adoptive families. Here are three ways you can be the spark of hope for…

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