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4 Unique Ways to Share Show Hope with Friends and Family

In 2003, Show Hope was founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman as a movement to care for orphans. Since it’s inception, Show Hope has sought to restore the hope of a family to orphans in distress around the world by enabling more children to enter families through Adoption Aid grants, through providing acute…

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Adopt

Not everyone is called to adopt. In considering whether adoption is a good choice for you, think about important aspects of your life that will be impacted by this decision (both the benefits and the challenges). The following questions might be a help as you think about the impact of adding a child to your…

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3 Things You Should Know About International Adoption

When considering adding to your family through international adoption, the idea of navigating the laws and regulations of a foreign government can seem daunting and overwhelming at first. Whether you are considering international adoption yourself, or are interested in supporting those who are, here are three things that may be helpful to understand about the…

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The Ponto Family: “It Was Well Worth It”

My husband, Alan, and I have always felt called to adopt internationally. After having two boys, we felt the time was right. We attended our first informational meeting and soon made the decision to adopt from Thailand. The next year and a half was spent taking parenting classes and completing our home study. After much…

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The Damkoehler Family: God’s Hand Was in All of It

Sela is a precious little girl from a small mountain town in Colombia. She was abandoned at four days old and was brought to the hospital a few months later. She was diagnosed with HIV and several other complications, including pneumonia and malnutrition. She was fighting for her life. Meanwhile, a half a world away,…

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The Bell Family: “A Beautiful, Miraculous Mess”

On a recent Sunday, I saw a miracle as my husband, three children, and I played ball as a family and then headed inside for a dance party in our living room.  Now, that may not sound like much, but the joy exuded during that time was nothing short of miraculous.  More than that, our dance party…

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Even When It Seems Impossible

Following a trip to China, I (Joan) could not shake the image of the waiting children I met there. Sensing this, my husband, Ken, asked a critical question: “What’s keeping us from adopting?”  Within three weeks, we were at an informational meeting about Chinese adoption.  There was no question in our hearts that this was…

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We Had Been Ready For A Long Time

My wife and I decided long ago that we wanted to build our family through adoption.  As our son Simon was getting close to celebrating his third birthday, and after much prayer and consideration, we decided it was time to begin the adoption process once again. We were excited when our paper work went through…

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Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Julia

When Julia was admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope nearly two years ago, she was weak and very malnourished.  Today, thanks to the generous and faithful support of Show Hope sponsors, Julia has bloomed into a sweet, dainty, little 3-year-old girl who is healthy, stable, and thriving. The first time I visited Julia’s room…

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