20/20 Campaign

20/20 Campaign

VIDEO: Meet the Choi Family

April 24, 2019

Eve and Alex Choi have been talking about adoption since they were first married 11 years ago. Last January, they decided to start praying, discussing, and researching what steps they needed to take. “We decided to move forward in a step of faith,” Eve said. “We knew that if we didn’t go ahead and begin […]

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20/20 Campaign

Meet the Kick Family

April 18, 2019

On her first trip abroad, Amanda Kick saw the needs of orphans through fresh eyes. After that trip, she believed God would grow her future family through adoption if she was willing. As the years went by, that belief grew into a strong conviction in Amanda’s heart. But what she didn’t know then was that […]

20/20 Campaign

VIDEO: Meet the Lute Family

April 17, 2019

“We loved you before we ever saw your picture. You are the little boy we have longed for. You are precious to us, but even more precious to the one who made you. God has uniquely prepared our family to love and care for a deaf child, and we know that God has been preparing […]

20/20 Campaign

Meet the Johnston Family

April 11, 2019

Joshua and Jaclyn Johnston first felt the pull to adopt as newlyweds. Thirteen years ago, they went for a walk through a park one day and talked about how and when they would grow their family. Neither of them ever felt strongly about having children by birth, so by the end of their walk, it […]

20/20 Campaign

VIDEO: Meet the Ewers Family

April 10, 2019

The Ewers family is a part of Show Hope’s 20/20 Campaign. You can click here to give to the campaign. Adoption had been on both Alex and Andrea Ewers’ hearts for years. Their journey to care for vulnerable children began in 2015 when they became foster parents. While fostering, they began looking into adoption, and […]

20/20 Campaign

‘Adoption has changed our lives forever and for the better.’ — The Bunn Family

April 4, 2019

  For Alan and Emily Bunn, the pull to adopt began years before their son, Titus, entered their family. Emily has siblings who came home through adoption, and early in their marriage, they decided to grow their family through adoption someday. The Christmas before their fifth wedding anniversary, they finally felt like it was time […]

20/20 Campaign

VIDEO: Meet the Eiff Family

April 3, 2019

The Eiff family is a part of Show Hope’s 20/20 Campaign. You can click here to give to the campaign. “When you come home, there will be so much joy. And while we will likely experience struggles together, we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength.” Brandon and Kathy Eiff, along with […]

20/20 Campaign

VIDEO: 20/20 Campaign Begins Today

April 1, 2019

20 Children. 20 Families. 1 Month. On average, the cost of adoption ranges from $25,000 to $40,000. The financial barrier is a real challenge—it’s often more than families can handle on their own. This month, you can come alongside 20 families on their adoption journey. Join the 20/20 Campaign and help waiting children come home. […]