Empowered to Connect Conference Viewing Guide

The Empowered To Connect Conference Viewing Guide includes the key takeaways from each conference presentation by the staff of the TCU Institute of Child Development. The  guide contains ample space for participants to record notes, as well as helpful charts and diagrams. It also includes a glossary, list of additional resources, and insights for welcoming home an adopted child. We highly recommend that each simulcast participant has access to this Viewing Guide, which is available for purchase or free download.

Conference Viewing Guides will be available for pre-order from October 24th through February 12th. No orders will be accepted after February 12th.  All Viewing Guides will ship in March and customers will receive tracking information at time of shipment.

Each simulcast site that orders one or more bundles of Viewing Guides will receive 5 complimentary Viewing Guides with their order. Sites will not receive complimentary Viewing Guides without placing an order.

Please note that returns will not be accepted and refunds will not be processed for remaining Viewing Guides. We request that you keep this in mind when placing your order.


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