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The Movement Club

3 Ways to Mobilize the Next Generation to Care for Orphans

Here at Show Hope, we believe that today’s youth is the future of orphan care. Whether it’s engaging a college student through the Red Bus Project or connecting with a high school student at a Movement Club event, Show Hope strives to prepare and equip future generations to care for orphans. Continue reading as we…

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From Unaware, to Aware, To Action

“Last year, my friend Emmy Kate and I were introduced to Show Hope by our lovely dance teacher and Show Hope staff member, Julia Chapman. One day in class she told us that Show Hope was holding a kick-off event for the high school initiative, called “The Movement,” which enabled high school students to spread…

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One Extraordinary Dream

“The truth of the matter is that I’m a regular student. I go to school seven hours a day, five days a week. I have teachers I love and ones who frustrate me. I ace tests when I study and fail tests if I decide to skim the night before. My school days are spent…

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The Perfect Place to Get Involved

Many people think you have to go to a foreign country to care for orphans. What people fail to realize is that there are orphans in our own backyards. Dodge For The Cause was not only a night used to raise money for a local foster home, but also a night used to raise awareness…

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Reflections on 2011 – Outlook 2012

By now the excitement of Christmas is wearing off a bit and hopefully is fading into a wonderful memory for all. As we turn our attention to crossing the threshold into a new year, before we do, join me in rejoicing in what we have been able to accomplish as the body of Christ in…

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Sharing about the Movement Club

This past Saturday night, Movement Club students from all over the Nashville area gathered together at the Show Hope offices to help raise money for a local couple, Frazier and Nina Dyson. The Dysons are going to Arkansas to bring home their daughter this week! Everyone worked hard making fun, floral hair pins and survival…

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Show Hope’s student initiative grows!

Yesterday I walked into the Show Hope office for my first day as the “Student Initiatives Programs Associate,” and I found my new desk decorated with Show Hope merchandise, a bouquet of flowers and a gift bag with all kinds of fun office-y things. Both Chris Wheeler, who I will be reporting to, and the…

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An Amazing Year of Show Hope Trips

This has been another amazing year of Show Hope short-term trips! In all, more than 200 medical professionals, donors, sponsors, and students visited Maria’s Big House of Hope in 2011. As the Trip Coordinator, it was particularly exciting for me to see how God handpicked each team member. Whether it was to use their medical…

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A Smile Means Everything

“If you walk into the Jungle Book room at Maria’s Big House of Hope with a camera, you have to have a certain understanding: you will no longer have control of that camera! Isaac loves to take pictures, and I now have an abundance of random pictures on my camera that he has taken over…

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