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Meet The Athman Family

Dear Show Hope, Today we received a letter in the mail from Show Hope stating we had been awarded an Adoption Aid grant. I stood in awe as my kids gathered around wondering what was wrong. When I shared with them about your generosity, a cheer erupted from these tiny people who are walking out…

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Meet The Townson Family

Show Hope sponsors’ monthly gifts of $35 or more go directly toward families being built through the help of our Adoption Aid grants, and without their generous and faithful support, this work would not be possible. As sponsors help make these grants possible through their giving, they also have the opportunity to follow the stories…

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4 Ways Your Family Can Help Orphans

The love and permanency of a family are gifts from God. Family reflects God’s love and community and is meant for his glory. At Show Hope, we believe family plays a powerful role in the care for children who have been orphaned. As Show Hope Co-founder Mary Beth Chapman often says, “Not everyone is called…

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Showing Hope as a Family—and Experiencing Hope in Return

This blog was written by Nate and Julie, who are LifeHope Donors. As a LifeHope Donor, they fund an entire Adoption Aid grant, which is $418 monthly or $5,000 annually, each year. This act of loving generosity has had a profound effect on their family as they have engaged in orphan care together. You can…

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3 Ways Your Church Can Care for Orphans

The church is “the body” of God on earth, his hands and feet to serve the world, and a model of his coming kingdom. It is the foundation—the home base—for thriving Christian community and service. As a church family, you have an opportunity to answer God’s holy invitation to care for orphans in your own…

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Dear Show Hope Sponsors and Donors

Dear Show Hope Sponsors and Donors, My husband and I attended a worship concert in Denver many years ago where Steven Curtis Chapman showed beautiful pictures and shared touching stories of adoption. Although we had talked about adopting someday, I believe this placed a stronger desire in our hearts for girls in China. We also…

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The Willet Family Miracle

Evans Willet came home to his family with the help of a Show Hope grant. Below, the Willets describe their long journey to bring him home — including the life-changing miracle they experienced in Ghana! YOU can help bring more waiting children home to families by becoming a Show Hope Sponsor today! Evans was six…

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