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2015 Annual Men’s Construction Trip to China

Three cheers for the 2015 Annual Men’s Construction Trip to China! This month, a dedicated group of 12 hardworking men came to Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH) to help with various construction projects. During their time at MBHOH, they built a ramp to help the children and nannies access the playground. They also built bunk-beds to provide more comfortable accommodations for…

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Explore God’s Heart for Orphans

Sarah Rooker, a student who has traveled with Show Hope on numerous short-term trips, shares her heart for orphans and why YOU should join Show Hope on a trip this year! The application deadline for our 2015 trips is January 20th. Short-term service trips have played a very large part in my life.  Show Hope, an…

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June 2014 Student Trip to China

Heather Smith was a member of the Show Hope student trip to China last month. Below, she shares her reflections on this life-changing trip and what she learned from the experience. Click here to learn more about Show Hope’s student trips to China and Haiti! As I held the beautiful children who live at Maria’s…

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2014 Sponsor Trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope

The 2014 Show Hope Sponsor Trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope returned last month and it’s been so wonderful hearing from each trip member about their experience in China with the precious children at our Care Centers. One member of the team, Lisa Ward, traveled with her husband and shares her thoughts on MBHOH…

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Finding Joy at Maria’s Big House of Hope

Our recent sponsor trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope returned home at the beginning of June. Heather, a trip member, shares her reflections on the trip and how she found the joy of the Holy Spirit within the sweet smiles and laughter of the children she met there. After returning home from my first…

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2014 Annual Men’s Construction Trip to China

This past week, there was a lot of noise and activity going on at Maria’s Big House of Hope!! In addition to the usual happy sounds of children laughing and playing, there were also sounds of a brand new playground being built on the rooftop! Every year, one of our short-term trips is composed of…

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Inspired by a Trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope

18-year-old Show Hope Advocate, Lauren Beck, was forever changed on a short-term trip to visit Maria’s Big House of Hope in China. Upon arriving back home, she was determined to utilize her resources in order to speak up for all the sweet kiddos she met in China. As her 18th birthday was approaching, she decided…

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Thoughts From an Eye-Opening Trip to Haiti

Read below as Sarah, a student who recently joined Show Hope on a short-term trip to Haiti, describes her eye-opening experience with the children of Haiti and how God is continuing to teach her the true meaning of James 1:27. Twenty years ago, my parents adopted me from Russia, giving me the greatest gift possible:…

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