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4 Ways Your Family Can Help Orphans

It’s a question we get often at Show Hope … ‘How can my family help orphans?’ Family reflects God’s love and is meant for his glory. We believe family plays a powerful role in caring for children who have been orphaned. As Show Hope Co-founder Mary Beth Chapman often says, “Not everyone is called to…

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‘SEE’ Rising from the Dust—An Excerpt

Between Heaven & the Real World

The following is an excerpt from our Founder Steven Curtis Chapman’s book, “Between Heaven & the Real World.” This story takes place after the Chapman’s youngest daughter, Maria, passed away in a tragic accident. They were having their house rebuilt, and Steven snapped a miraculous picture. Near the end of the demolition, when the wrecking…

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Why We Give

This past year we brought home our fourth child, our first through the miracle of adoption. Our son Jonah spent nearly 5 years at Maria’s Big House of Hope. He loves to tell stories of his time there, and look at pictures of all his friends in China. Recently, he fixated on a photo of…

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Thoughts on Philanthropy


“I realized the true meaning of the word philanthropy a few years ago. To my surprise, it has nothing to do with wealth.”

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Using Social Media For Good

Using Social Media for Good

We’re a technology-dependent society. There are opportunities for us to use our mobile devices—particularly social media platforms—for good.

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An Open Letter: ‘Thank You, Show Hope’

My birthday this year goes down in history as one of the BEST so far! We spent the morning home schooling with my girls. It was calm and productive, which in my world right now is a huge success. Then we were off to volunteer. Yep, you heard that right. Volunteer. I’m not really a party…

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How You Can Help Orphans

How to Help Orphans

There is a place for you in adoption advocacy and orphan care efforts.  But where do you begin? How can you make an impact? How can you help children who have been orphaned? These are fair, legitimate questions, and they are natural ones to ask when faced with such a global issue. But we cannot…

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God’s Heart For Children

God's heart for children. Three children posing for a photo on a blanket in the grass.

One amazing way Jesus showed us God’s heart was through his love for children. Here are three specific stories of Jesus revealing God’s heart for children.

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