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Zion's Story


Gastrointestinal Condition, Respiratory Condition

Meet Zion

Zion exudes joy everywhere he goes. He is spunky and full of life, and he loves a good dance party! He has a wonderful, deep laugh and we love him very much.


Recent Updates

We are so excited to share with you that Zion recently joined his family through adoption! He brings such joy everywhere he goes, and we are so grateful that he is now home with his wonderful family. Please join us in praying for Zion and his family—that their transition would be marked with peace and an abundance of joy!

Zion had the best time on a recent trip to McDonald’s! He tried a hamburger, but loved his chicken nuggets and french fries best. He also tried a few bites of ice cream, but decided it was too cold for him. Zion had a blast on our field trip—and he looked adorable in his hat!

Zion looked adorable in his reindeer glasses and Christmas pajamas. He had the jolliest Christmas season full of fun crafts, handmade ornaments, caroling, and more! In preschool Zion had his very own stocking with a new treat in it each day, and he starred as a shepherd in our Nativity! We love celebrating with Zion.

Zion zoomed around our Fall Festival in his Mario Kart—he even had a balloon attached to his car! He loved visiting all the different booths. He visited the craft booth twice, where he painted a pumpkin with his orange thumbprint, and got a candy corn painted on his face. Zion loves life and loves to party, and we love partying right alongside him!

We recently celebrated Zion turning 3 years old! Zion is a fireball and he brings joy everywhere he goes. His big, bright smile and sweet giggle keep us smiling, and we love his big heart.

Zion took pool day very seriously. It is hot in Luoyang, and we’re having fun passing the days by splashing in the pool. Zion was more interested in figuring out how all the water toys worked than playing with them, and he had a lot of fun hanging out in the water.

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