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Zaina's Story


Inherited Skin Condition

Meet Zaina

Zaina is a perfect blend of sweet and spirited! She is strong and brave, and we are grateful to be able to care for her.


Recent Updates

We have exciting news. Zaina was recently adopted and is now home with her family! We are thrilled and are praying for overwhelming peace as she makes this transition. Thank you for your support, love, and prayers as we have had the wonderful honor of caring for Zaina.

Zaina enjoyed decorating and eating her own heart-shaped cookies at our Valentine’s Day party. She especially liked the frosting. She said, “yummy!” after almost every bite. Zaina’s nanny was delighted by her joy. Celebrating with Zaina is a lot of fun!

Zaina made a precious ‘Mary’ in our Christmas nativity! She lovingly cradled and kissed the baby doll, and soaked up all of the attention as the star of the show. We are blessed by Zaina, and the hope and joy she brings to Maria’s. Thank you for your continued prayers for Zaina as she enters into the new year.

Zaina is very close with her nurse, and she loves getting to join her on her morning and evening rounds! Zaina is such a big helper, and will assist in any way she can. She cares deeply for the little babies in her room and is always willing to cover them with a blanket or help hand them their bottle. As she makes her way down the hall to other rooms, you can always count on hearing her sing the “ABCs” on repeat! We are smitten with Zaina, and we adore her thoughtful and kind heart.

Zaina was pretty in pink and all smiles for her birthday. She enjoyed bubbles, stickers, and especially the pink frosted cupcakes! Her crown made her feel like a princess, and we loved watching her joy as everyone in the room celebrated her. We are praying big prayers for Zaina as she enters into her second year of life!

Zaina is very smart! She recently started preschool, and we are so excited to watch her continue to learn. She loves to sing the ABC’s and she knows her colors and numbers, so we know she will thrive in class!

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