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Zahara's Story


Congenital heart disease

Meet Zahara

Zahara is a ray of sunshine. She loves people, and lights up the room with her contagious laugh!


Recent Updates

We have amazing news! Zahara has recently joined her family through adoption! We ask you to join us in prayer as she transitions into her family. We are full of thankfulness and joy for her!

Zahara loves going to school! She’s very social and loves playing with her friends at school. When she gets back from school in the afternoon, her room is filled with her sweet voice and laughter as she tells her nanny about her day.

Zahara celebrated her third birthday this winter! She’s growing up beautifully, and we love watching her blossom. Her nannies say she is a great helper and friend to the other children in her room. She loves to chat with her best friend, Jairus, and the nannies, who describe her as a fun and loving little girl.

Zahara absolutely loves to dance, so she had a great time when we went Christmas caroling through the children’s rooms! She danced to her heart’s content, flashed her dimples at us, and looked adorable in her antlers as we sang Christmas songs with her.

Zahara is growing up quickly. She is a beautiful little girl who sees each day as a party. Zahara loves celebrating her friends, and at a recent birthday party she enjoyed helping blow out candles, and she clapped and giggled while singing “happy birthday.” During China’s Mid-Autumn Festival she had the best time snacking on mooncakes (which she couldn’t get enough of) and playing with friends.

Zahara moved to our Care Center in Jiaozuo earlier this year, and she’s doing well there. Zahara is a firecracker with lots of energy and spunk. She’s a happy and smart little girl, who loves to play games with her nannies and friends. She especially loves playing with balls!

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