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Zacchaeus's Story

4 years old

Inherited Metabolic Disease

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Meet Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus is such a cutie! He’s sweetness, laughter, and snuggles all rolled into one, and we love caring for him.


Recent Updates

Zacchaeus has had a busy summer meeting new friends. He needs a little time to warm up, but once he does, he is joyful and has the best giggles. He loves to open the windows in his room and peek out to wave at cars or people walking by. If they wave or say, “ni hao” back, he beams. We love spending time with Zacchaeus and learning about the things that bring him joy.

Zacchaeus loves to practice walking with his walker. We’re continually amazed by him and his resilience. Zacchaeus now takes his walker to and from preschool and practices walking up and down the hallway with his nannies and physical therapist. We’re proud of his determination and we can’t wait to see how far he goes.

In preschool, Zacchaeus has had fun making Easter themed crafts. He loves getting his hands painted and he giggles as the brush tickles his fingers. When his teacher is silly and paints his nose, he bursts into belly laughs. Creating memories with Zacchaeus is an honor and a joy!

Zacchaeus’ favorite preschool activity is learning sign language. He works hard at copying the signs his teacher shows him, and he is so proud of himself when he accomplishes it. We are also proud of Zacchaeus and his determination.

Zacchaeus is a sweet boy with a darling personality. When you first meet him he gives visitors a shy smile, but once he warms up he is all laughs and snuggles. We love caring for Zacchaeus.

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