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Trevor's Story

4 years old

Spina Bifida

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Meet Trevor

Trevor is a sweet and curious little boy who lives at Maria’s Big House of Hope where he’s surrounded by friends and people who love him. And, we think he’s pretty cute! 


Recent Updates

Trevor is a funny boy and loves toys. He likes to stack cups and blocks, and then make the towers he has built topple over. His giggle is the sweetest thing, and we love to engage in play with him. Trevor has a great sense of humor and is very mischievous. He likes to hide behind doorways and pop out just as someone walks by—always ready to make someone laugh. Trevor is a joy!

Trevor loves pool day! He especially enjoys dumping water to and from little cups and big buckets. He likes to splash and doesn’t mind when the water gets his face wet. Trevor is such a fun, easy-going boy and we are smitten with him. Pool days are extra fun when Trevor is around.

Trevor recently had the opportunity to work with some fun equipment during physical therapy, and he loved every minute of it. He’s smart and determined which always shows when he tries something new. We’re very proud of Trevor and all that he accomplishes daily.

Trevor recently celebrated his fourth birthday! He enjoyed blue frosted cupcakes, and putting stickers on his clothes. He wheeled his ZipZac around the room to check in with his friends to see if he could snatch more cupcakes. We love everything about Trevor, and we are thankful for the opportunity to watch him grow.

Trevor had the fun opportunity to dye Easter eggs in preschool. He dunked the egg in his cup so quickly that the water splashed, causing him to giggle for the next five minutes. Trevor brings us so much joy. One of our greatest hopes is for him to have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption. Would you please join us in that prayer?

We love Trevor’s cheeky personality. He loves to sneak over to the drawers in his room, open them, and pull out the clothes or wear a sweater on his head. When he catches his nanny’s eye, he giggles and wheels away quickly with his sweater hat! Trevor is mischievous and independent and we love him all the more for it. He keeps his nannies on their toes and laughing with him throughout each day.

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