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Trevor's Story

3 years old

Spina Bifida

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Meet Trevor

Trevor is a sweet and curious little boy who lives at Maria’s Big House of Hope where he’s surrounded by friends and people who love him. And, we think he’s pretty cute! 


Recent Updates

We just celebrated Trevor turning 3 years old. He had a lot to take in with all the singing, birthday crowns, and yummy cupcakes, but he felt loved and celebrated nonetheless! Trevor is full of delight, love, and all of the goodness that can fit in one little boy. We love him very much, and are hopeful for big things this next year!

Trevor was his usual adorable self during our Easter festivities! He wore his ears proudly and loved eating candies alongside his friends. Trevor is an absolute joy and we see so much of the hope that Easter brings in his smile!

Trevor just went on his first trip to McDonald’s, and he had a great time! He liked throwing the french fries more than eating them, but his absolute favorite part was the ice cream. He loved it! It was so fun getting to treat Trevor to some yummy food and a fun, new experience.

Trevor keeps us smiling and makes life fun! He is giggly, and he thinks it’s funny to mimic his friends—especially when they’re clapping and being silly! He sometimes acts like he is indifferent to our hugs and kisses, but he slyly smiles when we hug him, so we know he really does love it!

Trevor looked precious in his Santa hat and Christmas pajamas! This past month his days were full of celebrating. We had fun caroling, and Trevor made Christmas ornaments and fun crafts in preschool. He also had his own stocking that was full of new treats each day, and he played a wise man in our Nativity!

Trevor has proven his strength over and over to us, and we’re so proud of him. His bright smile and sweet disposition bring us so much joy!

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