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Trevor's Story

3 years old

Spina Bifida

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Meet Trevor

Trevor is a sweet and curious little boy who lives at Maria’s Big House of Hope where he’s surrounded by friends and people who love him. And, we think he’s pretty cute! 


Recent Updates

Trevor celebrated the holiday season with his closest nannies and friends. He enjoyed trying new treats, decorating the Christmas tree, and wearing fun hats. We are blessed by Trevor, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to care for him. As we enter the new year, we continue to pray that Trevor would soon have the opportunity to know the love of a family through adoption.

Trevor recently moved to the Beijing Care Center where he is cruising around in his ZipZac, getting to know his surroundings. He takes his joy and cheeky personality with him wherever he goes, and we are so proud of this little guy’s big heart! Please join us as we pray for his transition. We are so honored to care for Trevor!

Trevor has had a blast this summer, and we have seen him grow into such a curious little boy! He loves to check out everything in his room, opening all of the drawers and cupboards he can reach. He squeals with delight when he accomplishes shutting a big door or pulling toys out of a drawer. Every day spent caring for Trevor is a joy!

Trevor was captivated by all that pool day entailed. His curiosity sparked as he watched his friends splashing and playing in the water around him. He was hesitant at first, but quickly decided to partake in all the fun. We are smitten with this sweet, gentle little boy.

We just celebrated Trevor turning 3 years old. He had a lot to take in with all the singing, birthday crowns, and yummy cupcakes, but he felt loved and celebrated nonetheless! Trevor is full of delight, love, and all of the goodness that can fit in one little boy. We love him very much, and are hopeful for big things this next year!

Trevor was his usual adorable self during our Easter festivities! He wore his ears proudly and loved eating candies alongside his friends. Trevor is an absolute joy and we see so much of the hope that Easter brings in his smile!

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