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Thaddeus's Story


Congenital heart disease

Meet Thaddeus

Thaddeus is charming, eager to help, and full of joy! We’re so thankful to love and care for him.


Recent Updates

We have wonderful news! Thaddeus was recently adopted and is now with his family! Thank you for praying for Thaddeus, and for giving towards the care of these amazing children. Please continue to pray for Thaddeus, that his transition would be full of joy and peace. We’re so excited for him and his family!

We adore Thaddeus’ grin and personality. Thaddeus likes to show off his dance moves and sing songs to his nannies. He keeps us smiling!

Thaddeus is a good friend. He loves deeply, and is very kind and helpful to those around him. It is our joy and privilege to know him and see these glimpses of his tender heart.

Thaddeus has an adorable voice. When asked how old he is, he proudly holds up three fingers and exclaims, ‘”sān suì,” which means “3 years old” in Mandarin. Knowing Thaddeus is such a joy!

Life with Thaddeus is full of happiness and giggles. He melts our hearts daily.

We recently celebrated Thaddeus’ 3rd birthday. He had a big cake topped with lots of fruit, and he proudly wore a tall golden crown to celebrate.

Not only did we have fun celebrating Thaddeus’ birthday, the children also welcomed the holiday season with a lot of snow! A few days before Thanksgiving, the children woke up to a blanket of beautiful snow and lots of flurries. They had a blast playing in it, and they looked adorable in their warm puffy clothes.

Thaddeus is growing up so quickly, and he’s becoming more charming each day. We’ll celebrate his 3rd birthday next month and are looking forward to the upcoming festivities! We love this little guy very much, and it is our great joy and privilege to care for him.

Thaddeus recently started attending preschool. He and some of his friends get to spend several hours each weekday learning together, and he loves it. He gets excited to go to school and always comes back happy and chatty.

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