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South's Story


Congenital Heart Disease

Meet South

South has a wild and contagious laugh. He is loving and so much fun!


Recent Updates

We are so excited to share that South was recently adopted, and is now home with his wonderful family! We’re sure he is bringing joy to their hearts, and we are so happy for him. Join us in praying that his transition is marked with peace, joy, and a deep connection to his family.

South’s days are full of fun in preschool where he’s learning lots, playing with his friends, and creating smiles for everyone around him! He’s growing up so quickly, and we’re hopeful and excited for what is ahead for him.

South is so full of joy and he brings it with him wherever he goes. We love the way his nose scrunches when he smiles! South loves to look at himself, whether it’s in a mirror or selfie-mode on a phone. He gets a kick out of making silly faces with friends! He is very silly, but he also has such a loving heart and is playful and sweet with the younger children in his room.

Christmastime looks good on South! He’s had fun playing with tinsel and looked adorable in his Santa hat. We caroled and played guitar in the children’s rooms, and although South wasn’t sure what to think at first, he warmed up to the whole thing when we passed out candy canes! South brings us so much joy!

South’s zeal and joy for life is contagious! His laugh makes our days brighter. He is typically the life of the party, and whenever he shows off his dancing skills, his friends have a great time joining in and filling the room with laughter!

South began preschool this month, and he’s been having a great time! He’s smart, loves life, and we’re so grateful he has this opportunity to learn new things and make new friends.

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