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Sloane's Story


Gastrointestinal condition, congenital heart disease

Meet Sloane

Sloane is darling, charming, and so much fun. He has such an incredible laugh, and seems to always be filled with joy.


Recent Updates

We are so excited to share with you that Sloane recently joined his family through adoption! We are thrilled for him, and we cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things the Lord has in store for his life. Thank you for helping us care for children like Sloane!

We loved going to the zoo with Sloane and his friends! Sloane was pretty unsure about the llamas and the ostriches, but he thought the monkeys were fun. He remembered reading books about monkeys in preschool and knew that they say “oo-oo-ah-ah.” When we got to the monkeys, Sloane got excited and used his arms to imitate a monkey!

Sloane loved wearing his bunny ears and hunting for eggs with his friends at Maria’s Big House of Hope! Once he filled his whole bag full of eggs, we hung out on the porch and sorted through his Easter loot. The rest of the day was spent playing together and eating candies. What fun it was to celebrate with Sloane!

Sloane had a blast on his first trip to McDonald’s! Once the food arrived, he never stopped eating and he kept both hands full of hamburger, chicken nuggets, or french fries the whole time. The only thing he wanted nothing to do with was ice cream! What a joy it is to be a part of new, fun experiences with Sloane!

Sloane has discovered that he loves to paint! We’ve been painting a lot with the children at Maria’s, and Sloane often leads the way in what to do for the other kids. He is thoughtful and creative with every stroke, and he has a blast doing it. Plus, he looks extra cute with paint spread all over his face!

Sloane moved to Maria’s Big House of Hope just in time to join in on all the Christmas festivities! He dressed up as a shepherd in our Nativity, and has been enjoying his new preschool class where they made tons of Christmas crafts. He even had his own stocking where he found a new treat every day!

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