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Simone's Story

3 years old

Congenital Heart Disease

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Meet Simone

Simone has an endearing smile and the sweetest giggle. We are very thankful to be able to care for her.


Recent Updates

Simone’s thoughtfulness and affection are what stand out most about her. She loves to be around her nannies and nurses, following them around and helping with the younger children in the room. She’s the first to console a crying baby, and enjoys helping in any way she can. Her quiet compassion is a blessing to behold.

Simone is never far away from her best friend, Jeremy. They have been together through moments of joy and sadness and change, and the bond they have formed is strong. Jeremy protects and adores Simone, and she follows and admires him. It is precious to witness, and we are thankful for the friend Simone has found in Jeremy.

Simone recently joined in on a sensory playday where she and her friends discovered new textures like water beads, rice, and paint. Simone enjoyed the water beads the most. She would choose one bead to feel and roll back and forth in her hands, and then scoop and dump other beads in and out of big buckets as she and her best buddy, Jeremy, laughed. Thank you for your part in providing opportunities like these!

Simone just turned 3 years old. We have loved getting to see her grow into a beautiful and sweet toddler. She enjoyed the sprinkles on her birthday cupcake, and with help from her nanny she blew lots of bubbles for her friends!

Simone is cheerful and observant. She loves to spend time in the playroom with her friends, but is just as happy sitting on her nanny’s lap watching others play. Simone is quick to blow a kiss or wave to visitors, and they are immediately smitten. We’re blessed to know and love this sweet girl.

Simone has been gaining more independence over the summer. She likes to try new things on her own, and with her nanny’s guidance, she accomplishes all she hopes to and more. She’s proud of herself and we are too. Simone is truly one of the bravest girls we know, and we’re honored to watch her grow.

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