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Siam's Story


Condition that affects his joints

Meet Siam

Siam is a sweet little boy who is very close to his friends. He has an engaging little personality that matches his cute, toothy smile.


Recent Updates

Siam recently returned to his guardian orphanage, so we ask that you would come alongside us in praying for him during his transition. We love Siam very much, and count it an absolute joy to have loved and cared for him. We will miss his fun, happy personality! It’s our prayer that he would be welcomed into a loving family through adoption.

Siam and his preschool teacher both dressed up as elephants for our Fall Festival, and it was adorable. He kept everyone giggling as he practiced making elephant noises, and he paraded around the party without ever letting go of his pumpkin cookie! He visited the photo booth, made a pumpkin craft with his nanny, and made sure not to miss out on any candy. We have so much fun partying with Siam!

We had so much fun celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with the children at Maria’s Big House of Hope! Siam loves parties, and this one was no exception. He had fun snacking on mooncakes and coloring with his friends!

Siam seems to be growing up so quickly. He’s constantly running around, and keeps his nannies busy chasing after him. We’re are so proud of his resilience. Siam has overcome a lot to be able to run and play. In preschool, Siam is the “class clown.” Sometimes he’ll begin singing loudly in class, and when the other children join in they’ll all break out in giggles.

Siam is sometimes hesitant to try new things, but we’re always so proud of his bravery when he tries them anyway. Siam recently got to take a trip to McDonald’s. He was unsure of the french fries at first, but after his first bite he discovered he loved them! He was also a little apprehensive about swimming on a recent pool day, but he bravely gave it a try and ended up having such a fun time! We love Siam very much.

March has been a great month for Siam because he celebrated his 2nd birthday! We love birthdays at Maria’s Big House of Hope. It is our great joy to celebrate these special milestones with the children we care for. We’re so proud of Siam!

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