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Shevann's Story

4 years old

Cerebral palsy

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Meet Shevann

Shevann is full of spunk. She enjoys pool parties, cupcakes, sprinkles, and bubbles! 


Recent Updates

At our recent Fall Festival, Shevann entertained us by making silly faces, and she enjoyed snacking on candy while dressed as Minnie Mouse! Her nanny walked with her to check out the different booths where she made a pumpkin craft and played with balloon animals.

When Shevann isn’t feeling quite as spunky as usual, she loves to snuggle. She’ll fold up in your lap, tucking her legs in, and wrapping her arms around your neck. Shevann gives the best hugs, and we’re always ready to welcome them!

Shevann recently turned 4 years old. She is full of life and energy, and we loved getting to celebrate her. Shevann wasn’t too thrilled about wearing her party hat or getting her hands messy with blue icing, but she’s still had a great start to being 4! She recently joined in on our “End of Summer” party, and though she was hesitant about swimming, she looked adorable in her sunglasses and swimsuit!

Shevann is fun and silly. She loves to entertain her friends, and we love seeing all the silly faces she makes, including her cute scrunched-nose smiles.

We recently celebrated the “Year of the Rooster” with a Chinese New Year party at Maria’s Big House of Hope, and Shevann kept melting our hearts as she snuggled up next to her nanny and flashed her cheeky smiles at us. We love her so much!

Shevann is lovable and full of smiles! She is very ticklish, and she scrunches her nose up when she giggles. It’s adorable. Shevann is full of personality, and we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to care for her. Please pray with us that she will soon be able to enter a loving family through adoption.

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