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Savannah's Story

5 years old

Cerebral palsy

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Meet Savannah

Savannah is very smart and expressive. She’s full of smiles and giggles, and we love to make her laugh!


Recent Updates

Savannah loves people. She lights up whenever her favorite people are around. She adores her “gē gē” (the nickname of a friend who helps out with her preschool class) and says his name often.

Tis the season for Chinese New Year festivities! We’re having a great time at Maria’s Big House of Hope celebrating the “Year of the Rooster.” Savannah enjoyed coloring pictures of chickens and eating jiǎozi (Chinese dumplings) at our New Year party. She liked coloring her chicken, but loved snacking on the dumplings! Savannah is growing up beautifully, and we’re so proud of her.

Savannah’s been enjoying preschool, and had a great time at birthday parties for other children. She loves to eat, and always comes away with icing all over her smiling face.

To welcome fall, we had a festival where the children had fun dressing up in costumes and collecting treats like candy, stickers, and bubbles from different caregivers around the room. Savannah looked beautiful dressed as a ballerina in a pink velvet leotard and tutu! She had such a fun time.

Savannah recently took her first trip to McDonald’s. She had a great time riding in the van and watching all the people out the window. Savannah absolutely loved the french fries and hamburger, but she liked the tiny ice cream cones even better. She ate two! She has quite a sweet tooth, and we loved having the opportunity to provide such a treat for her.

Savannah just moved to a different preschool class where she’ll be more challenged by the classwork. We’re very proud of her and know she’ll do great in this new class.

Savannah is still really enjoying her preschool classes. She is very smart and loves story time. Her teacher is so proud of her!

We’ve been having so much fun welcoming student and sponsor team members to China, and Savannah is enjoying making new friends. She wins a lot of hearts with her sweet smiles and giggles! She loved getting in the water on pool day, and had the best time watching all the activity and splashing going on around her. We also recently took some children to the Aquarium and Savannah loved it!

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