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Rylynn's Story

4 years old

Premature, visual impairment

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Meet Rylynn

Rylynn has a beautiful spirit. She loves to explore, participate in craft time in her preschool classes, and play with her nannies and friends.   


Recent Updates

Rylynn is thriving as a newly-turned 4 year old, and we are so proud of her resilience! She is fearless. She’s happiest when she’s jumping, swinging, or hanging upside down. Rylynn was recently introduced to the trampoline and we are so inspired by her enthusiasm and love of adventure!

Sweet Rylynn just turned 4 years old! We love celebrating this spunky and fun little girl who brings so much happiness wherever she goes. She is smart, determined, and all around wonderful. We’re hopeful for big things this year for Rylynn!

Rylynn loves her nannies! She loves to snuggle up and sit close to them while they play or read her a book. Rylynn has such a loving personality, and it’s so sweet to watch it shine through in her relationships with her nannies.

We love Rylynn’s sweet smiles! Although she has always been curious, she is learning more and more how to boldly explore around her! She is doing so well in school, and we are so proud of her. It’s one of our greatest hopes that Rylynn would soon know the love of a family through adoption. Will you pray with us?

Whenever Rylynn isn’t dancing around or playing with her friends, she can often be found giggling along to her nannies singing songs to her! She sometimes sings along, but mostly she thinks their songs are funny and can’t help but giggle!

Rylynn loves going to preschool! She gets excited when it’s time to suit up in her shoes, coat, and duck backpack. She prances outside ready for the day. Rylynn is so full of personality, and we love her very much. Please pray with us that Rylynn would soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption!

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