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Ryker's Story


Spina bifida

Meet Ryker

Ryker has a little bit of sass to go along with all his sweetness. He’s a huge fan of quality time. He loves to sit in your lap, or really close by, and play with a cell phone or camera and tell you stories. Ryker is also very helpful in teaching Chinese to our American...


Recent Updates

We have the best news to share with you! Ryker was recently adopted and joined his family just in time for Christmas! We are so very happy for him and his family. Ryker is a wonderful little boy, and we love him very much. When Ryker comes to mind, please pray that his transition into his family would be full of peace, love, and connection.

Ryker was very excited about our Fall Festival and he counted down the days until it arrived. He loved wearing his cowboy hat, and he looked so handsome in his costume—chaps and all! Ryker was the life of the party as he roamed from the photo booth, to the cookie decorating booth, to the face painting booth—where he requested a pumpkin on his hand. We love Ryker so much!

Though summer has come to an end and fall is here, Ryker is still having fun swimming and playing in the water with his friends. Recently, Ryker and a friend were able to visit a nearby pool that had lots of slides. We’re so proud of how Ryker overcame his hesitancy of new things and slid down the slides multiple times—even by himself! Way to go, Ryker!

One of Ryker’s absolute favorite parts of summertime is pool days! He thinks it’s hilarious to spray his older friends with the water gun, and he wears a giant grin the whole time. Ryker is very playful, and we love splashing around in the water with him and his friends. We look forward to pool days almost as much as he does!

We had tons of fun recently celebrating Ryker’s eighth birthday. He had a great time passing out invitations to all the rooms, and the party featured balloons galore, streamers, and a cake with bright blue icing. Everyone had an especially great time wearing all the silly glasses!

Happy Chinese New Year! We’re having a great time celebrating the “Year of the Rooster” at Maria’s Big House of Hope. At our Chinese New Year Party, Ryker kept us all smiling and laughing with his spirited performances of “Happy New Year” songs! We love Ryker so much, and we’re so grateful to be able to care for him.

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