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Rody-Marcio's Story

3 years old

Inherited Condition

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Meet Rody-Marcio

Rody-Marcio is playful and sweet, and keeps us smiling! We love him very much.


Recent Updates

Rody-Marcio is a funny boy with lots of energy. His curiosity keeps his nannies busy and they adore him. He likes to be on the move and enjoys learning new things. Playing with his friends in the playroom is one of the best parts of his day. Rody-Marcio’s confidence and enthusiasm are just some of the things we admire about him.

Rody-Marcio is usually on the go, seeing what kind of fun and games he can get into or barreling down the halls. This summer we’ve seen another side to him unfold. His loving cuddles, hugs, and thoughtfulness have been sweet to witness. He will wrap his arms and legs around his nanny while resting his head on her shoulder, and the joy on her face is beautiful. We are so honored to watch these little ones as their personalities and hearts grow.

Rody-Marcio’s room was recently given brand new toy bins as well as new toys, and he has been enjoying discovering all the fun additions. Although he has explored many of the toys, his favorite is still the pretend phone. He clapped his hands with glee when he found another new one in the bins. To know a child’s likes and dislikes is an honor to all who work with and love the children in our care. Thank you for all you do to help make this care possible.

Rody-Marcio is always ready to entertain. His never-ending energy and spunky attitude are a joy to be around. Bubbles were recently introduced to his room and he could not get enough of them. His nannies laughed as he chased the bubbles around the room in delight.

Rody-Marcio loves to play pretend with his nanny. She holds her hand up to her ear while making a ringing sound, then she waits as Rody-Marcio runs to get his toy phone and they “chat” back and forth. We love seeing the nannies enjoy themselves as they engage in play. Rody-Marcio is happy to oblige in all the fun and games.

Rody-Marcio couldn’t get his hands on enough heart-shaped cookies at our Valentine’s Day party. His nannies laughed as he held one in each hand, alternating bites. Rody-Marcio brings so much joy to those around him. We love celebrating every small moment with him.

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