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Quianna's Story

8 years old

Visual impairment, nervous system condition

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Meet Quianna

Quianna is a happy, alert little girl who loves to be sung to and cuddled.


Recent Updates

Quianna loved being part of our Christmas photo shoot this year. She’s been enjoying the jingle bells in preschool—shaking them to the music and her teacher’s singing, as well as feeling the bells with her fingers and lips. We are blessed to have Quianna with us this Christmas, and we greatly appreciate your support and prayers that make the care she receives possible.

Quianna has been having a great fall. She is smiley and happy, and giggles throughout the day when her nannies tickle her or as she plays the toy keyboard. In preschool she loves books and songs, and babbles with her teacher making silly sounds and faces. We are blessed by Quianna and count it a privilege to know and learn from her.

Quianna recently joined in on a spa day with her friends. She experienced getting her nails painted and hair done. It was beautiful to see her enjoy such sweet and fun memories. She smiled when they turned the music on and danced during each song. Will you please continue to pray for Quianna?

Quianna received new toys in her room this month, and she loves to feel the different textures with her hands and listen to the musical toys make sound. Quianna is thoughtful and meticulous in the way that she plays—making sure she understands what’s happening around her. We love to watch her mind figure out new ways to play.

Quianna is ready for summer in her sweet floral outfit. She has already spent a little time outside and she loved the warm breeze on her face. We’re excited to spend time with her doing all the things we love most about the season. Thank you for your support in helping children like Quianna make fun summer memories.

Quianna loves her time spent in preschool. She enjoys anything that makes sounds and her favorite is the keyboard. She likes to touch the keys herself, but when her teacher plays a song she lights up with a big smile. Quianna’s teacher loves to spend time with her discovering all the things that make her happiest.

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