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Peter's Story

3 years old

Premature, Gastrointestinal Condition

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Meet Peter

Peter is sweet and snuggly. We are honored to care for him, and we can’t wait to share his story with you.


Recent Updates

Peter recently turned 3 years old! We can’t say enough about this bundle of joy, and we’re so proud of how far he has come. He is the entertainer of his room, and his nannies adore everything about him. He’s become a spunky, silly, curious toddler and we’re excited to see how far he’ll go. Will you pray with us as Peter begins another year?

Peter is growing stronger by the day, and we are so excited to see him begin to be more independent in his room. He loves to work on standing and walking with his physical therapist, and when he’s not doing that, he likes to chase his toy cars around on all fours. We’re so proud of Peter, and we ask for your continued prayers as he grows.

Peter is bringing lots of joyful noise to our holiday season! He has recently discovered how much he likes the drum in his preschool class, and it has been the perfect instrument to accompany the Christmas music his teacher has been playing. We are proud of how far Peter has come this year, and we are excited to spend this season together.

Peter was as cute as a pumpkin at our Fall Festival! He looked so sweet in his hat. He sat very still for the face painting, and spent the rest of the time making paper caramel apple crafts and placing stickers on his goodie bag. We have the best time playing with Peter and watching him discover the simple joys of the seasons.

Peter recently joined preschool at Maria’s and he’s doing great. So far, he enjoys stacking cups, playing with blocks, and clapping to songs. We’re excited to see how Peter will continue to grow and learn, and are thrilled for him to have another opportunity to feel delighted in as he explores the world around him. The simple joys of preschool are one of the experiences we are honored to provide for children like Peter.

Peter loved his first experience with pool day. He splashed and splashed with his hands and feet, feeling the surface of the water and bouncing up and down with excitement. Seeing children like Peter discover new joys is an honor. We are blessed to know Peter and thankful for the fun we’ve shared with him this summer.

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