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Nathalie's Story


Down syndrome, Congenital heart disease

Meet Nathalie

Nathalie is one of the sassiest girls we know. She’s earned the nickname “Queen of Maria’s Big House of Hope” and she lives up to the title! Nathalie is an includer and is quick to befriend anyone. Her bright laugh and funny wit wins people over instantly. She is both tender-hearted and vivacious.


Recent Updates

Even though it is a great privilege to provide love, nurture, and medical care for children who come into our Care Centers, we realize the one thing each child needs the most is the love and protection of a family. We are so thrilled to announce that for Nathalie, our prayers have been answered, and this day has come for her at last! We are thrilled for Nathalie, and invite you to celebrate this wonderful news with us. Thank you for your prayers for Nathalie, and for your faithful generosity that helped make her time in our care possible. As Nathalie comes to mind, please continue to pray for her and the many transitions she will face—that each day will be marked with peace, comfort, love, and a deep connection to her family.

Nathalie attends preschool with three little boys, and being the only girl doesn’t phase her one bit. When she’s pretending to be the “lǎoshī” for the day (lǎoshī means “teacher” in Mandarin) she likes to make up songs to teach the boys about how to be nice and listen well. She makes us laugh!

We had a great time welcoming the fall season at Maria’s with a festival. The children had fun dressing up in costumes and collecting treats like candy, stickers, and bubbles from different caregivers around the room. Nathalie dressed up as a ladybug, and she looked adorable.

Thank you so much for your sponsorship that allows us to care for these children and provide fun experiences for them as we seek to provide the medical care they need. The impact this makes in their lives is difficult to overstate. Thank you!

Nathalie’s favorite thing to do is play with people’s hair. She loves to comb and pretend to braid, and it’s sweet to watch how she tries to mimic the way her nannies fix her hair. She’s a quick learner!
Recently someone gave Nathalie a lot of stickers, and as soon as she opened them she started passing them out to her friends—even before giving herself one. We love seeing these glimpses of her kind heart.

Nathalie loves baby dolls, and her nurturing personality makes her a great little mama to her dolls. She also nurtures the other smaller children in her room by patting them on their backs or speaking sweetly to them. Nathalie has such a sweet spirit!

Nathalie has had such a fun summer here at Maria’s Big House of Hope! We love summertime because we get to welcome Show Hope sponsor and student team members to China, and Nathalie is the queen of that welcoming committee! Her big personality wins everyone over, and she loves playing with new friends.

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