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Marikit's Story

3 years old

Down Syndrome, Congenital Heart Disease

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Meet Marikit

Our days are brighter with Marikit around. Her cuddles and silliness are just two of the reasons we love her!


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Marikit is so lovable and a delight to be around. The holidays make everything sweeter, and Marikit was as darling as ever bundled in new winter outfits and clapping along to Christmas carols. Her nannies made sure she tried all the new instruments and treats, and were just as excited to celebrate as we were!

Marikit is 3 years old! Her birthday was celebrated with cake, hats, lots of pictures, and songs. She giggled and clapped along as her friends, nurses, and nannies all sang “Happy Birthday” in English and Chinese. We are proud of how much she has grown and overcome in her time under our care. Marikit is full of joy and cuddles, and we are blessed to know and love her. Will you pray for her as she begins another year?

Marikit is getting so big! Her nannies have been quick to tell everyone how smart she is, and she likes to show off all her new skills. Marikit is a wonderful big sister and a great helper. Her favorite job is to help rock the babies in their bouncers. She’s learned to go slowly or quickly depending on the baby’s preference, and she will peek at their faces to see if they are happy or crying. Marikit’s nannies are proud of her and continue to cheer her on saying, “Good job!” with a thumbs up.

Marikit never ceases to make us smile, and this summer she has become sillier by the day. We are so blessed by her and her joyful spirit. Her nannies have been busy teaching her new things this summer, and she is quickly becoming a strong, clever toddler.

Meet Marikit! She is a bundle of giggles and joy. We feel blessed to care for her in this time. She’s a ray of sunshine and often surprises us with her silly personality and determination. We are honored to share a little of her story with you.

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