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Manuel's Story

3 years old

Nervous System Condition

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Meet Manuel

You can’t help but smile when you meet Manuel! He is playful, sweet, and such a delight!


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Manuel is not afraid to use his voice, and he will always let you know what he thinks. He lives life boldly and passionately, and we admire him for that. He is so much fun to play with, and he uses his sweet voice for singing, chatting, and laughing more than anything else. His friends look up to him, and he plays the role of “big brother” very well. Whenever his younger friends aren’t following his rules, Manuel is quick to use his voice to get the room back in order!

Manuel’s enthusiasm is something wonderful to behold. He is always willing to try something new and join in on just about any game. The number one thing you’ll notice when playing with Manuel is his cheerful singing. He spends most of his day belting his heart out to “Happy Birthday” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and it may be one of the most joyful noises you’ll ever hear.

Manuel continues to surprise us by conquering challenges each time we see him. He has become so much stronger and the pride he feels is obvious. Seeing that same pride in his nanny’s face is a gift to witness. With the benefit of physical therapy and his nanny’s encouragement, we believe he will conquer even more mountains. We’re so proud of Manuel.

Manuel is now a thriving 3 year old! He is spirited and clever. He loves to join in on any game and quickly picks up new words. He has learned how to say “OK,” and his nannies even taught him how to give the hand signal which he uses frequently throughout the day. Manuel spent his birthday having fun with with his nannies and nurses. We love Manuel and we feel privileged to celebrate and care for him.

Manuel is a bright and cheerful boy. His nannies are proud of how smart he is. Manuel’s favorite toys are building blocks, and we love hearing his belly laugh as he watches his block towers crash to the floor. It’s exciting to discover new things that make Manuel happy. Thank you for your continued prayers as we care for him.

Manuel enjoyed everything December included—especially the caroling! He loved showing off his musical abilities as he loudly sang along with the guitars. He is a true entertainer, and we love that about him. We look forward to celebrating the new year with Manuel.

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