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Lilyana's Story

7 years old

Cerebral Palsy

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Meet Lilyana

Lilyana is so much fun! We love playing with her and watching her grow.


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Lilyana is 7 years old. She has shown us her resilience and determination again and again, and she continues to grow more beautiful and precious in every way. Lilyana is giggly and full of energy. The other children in her room have so much fun watching her be silly. Please pray that she, and each child who waits, will soon have the opportunity to grow and thrive in the love of a family through adoption.

Lilyana is smiling her way into the new year. She is as playful as ever, and has many hugs to give. She recently had the opportunity to try new crafts, join in on a sensory playday, and experience sweet memories during the holiday season. Lilyana continues to show her enthusiasm and determination to the world, and we are so proud of her.

Nothing brings Lilyana more joy than being played with and tickled. She loves to spend time on the trampoline—her smiles and giggles make it clear to all of us how happy she is. When she laughs, it’s hard not to join right in! Giving children like Lilyana the opportunity to explore new things is a blessing.

Lilyana had such a fun time at our Fall Festival. She especially enjoyed the stickers that were used for decorating the kids’ goodie bags. She looked beautiful in her pink dress, and as always, her joy was abounding. We are so thankful to celebrate with Lilyana!

Lilyana’s favorite pastime is playing with the toys in her room. There is a long shelf of buckets filled to the brim with an assortment of toys, and she will spend as much time as possible sitting next to them and trying out all the different treasures. Balls, rattles, and cups are some of her favorites, but there aren’t many toys she won’t investigate. We enjoy playtime with Lilyana!

Lilyana’s joy surrounding pool days is as strong as ever. She delights in the water more than anything else, and we love giving her opportunities to play in it. She giggles, splashes, and bounces her entire time in the pool, and we think she could spend the whole day there.

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