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Lily-Kate's Story

4 years old

Gastrointestinal Condition

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Meet Lily-Kate

Lily-Kate is a sweetheart. She’s giggly, determined, and takes pride in being the “big sister” in her room. We love watching her grow and we are blessed to care for her.


Recent Updates

Lily-Kate recently enjoyed attending a birthday party where she was first in line for a slice of cake. She even licked the plate clean when she was finished! Lily-Kate is always a joy to be around, and we love to celebrate any event with her. We pray she soon has a family to celebrate all of life’s big and small events with. Will you join us in this prayer?

Lily-Kate is a joy to know. She is content to play by herself, but she’s always up for joining in on group activities. She isn’t afraid to be the center of attention, and shines her smile whenever she goes. Lily-Kate listens well, and her nannies praise her daily for it. She likes to play pretend with her toy kitchen and make delicious “food” for her friends. We love playing with Lily-Kate!

Lily-Kate’s favorite summer activity is to spend time outside. Her curiosity keeps her (and her nanny) busy, as she tries every toy and structure at the playground. She loves the slide and merry-go-round, and even tried rock climbing. We are inspired by Lily-Kate’s energy and her ever-present bravery. We are praying that she, and all the children who wait, would soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

Lily-Kate is having a lot of fun this summer. One of her favorite things to do is explore the space around her. She loves to go outside and see what kind of mischief she can get into. Whether it’s trying new games on the playground, opening small cupboards and doors, or peeking through tree branches, Lily-Kate likes to know all the details of her surroundings. We can’t think of a more adorable partner to explore with.

Bubbles have been the craze of the season and Lily-Kate is happy to join in. Her nanny taught her a fun game—try to keep the bubbles from touching the ground by blowing them higher in the air. She caught on quickly and had a blast.

Lily-Kate is spirited and kind. Her giggles are delightful and she brings a lot of fun to her friends and nannies. We are thrilled to share some of her story with you, and we’re thankful for the privilege of caring for her.

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