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Libby's Story

3 years old

Down Syndrome, congenital heart disease

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Meet Libby

Libby is a beautiful little girl with the sweetest rosebud lips. She loves to be held and is always up for snuggle time with her nannies.


Recent Updates

Libby is growing up quickly. She’s beautiful, and it’s a joy to watch her discover new things. She still loves to be snuggled, and though she loves to play with her friends in her room, she’s also quite happy going on a stroller ride—no matter how long or short!

We dressed Libby up in a tutu for Christmas photos and she played with tinsel and ornaments and looked adorable! We had so much fun this Christmas season making ornaments and caroling. We even had a live Nativity where Libby dressed up as a lamb. We love these children, and feel so privileged to care for them!

Libby dressed up as a butterfly at our Fall Festival! She was delighted by the festivities (especially the candy treats) and although she stayed busy moving around the whole morning, she was especially squirmy when she had a butterfly painted on her face. But she enjoyed her tutu, headband, and wings, so she kept them on the whole time. Libby is so much fun!

We recently had an end of summer party and Libby splashed happily in the water the whole time! She wasn’t a fan of her heart-shaped sunglasses, but she looked super cute in them. We finished out the party with watermelon and popsicles, and Libby loved it all!

Libby loves the swing in the playroom at Maria’s. She giggles and smiles while her nanny pushes her. We love seeing her personality blossom.

Libby turned two years old in March and we love the opportunity to celebrate her. It’s such a blessing to watch Libby grow, and we pray her second year holds big things for her!

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