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Libby's Story

1 year old

Down Syndrome, congenital heart disease

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Meet Libby

Libby is a beautiful little girl with the sweetest rosebud lips. She loves to be held and is always up for snuggle time with her nannies.


Recent Updates

Libby turned two years old in March and we love the opportunity to celebrate her. It’s such a blessing to watch Libby grow, and we pray her second year holds big things for her!

Libby loves to stand and bounce, and she gives a big and proud smile whenever she does! We love her button nose and sweet disposition.

Libby is a darling little girl, and it’s our joy and privilege to know and care for her.

We’re having a great time welcoming the holiday season at Maria’s Big House of Hope, and we recently made ornaments with each of the children. Libby’s thumbprint ornament is so sweet!

Libby loves to be held and snuggled. Her physical therapist works with her several times a week, which makes us very happy for this resource in care.

Libby is a darling and cuddly little girl. She is very active, and likes to sit in the ball pit in the playroom. Libby also enjoys exploring the world around her!

We are so enjoying summer here at Maria’s Big House of Hope! Libby has enjoyed playing with team members who have visited. She is a friend to all, and full of joy!

The child profiles listed on this website are solely shared in an effort to provide our donors and sponsors with a glimpse of the unique beauty and dignity inherent to each child who comes into our care. They are in no way intended to be a complete or up-to-date substitute for referral information given by a licensed adoption agency. Out of a desire to honor and protect each child's privacy, we focus our sponsorship reports on the positive aspects of the child’s daily life, and not the serious medical challenges many of the children face, as this type of information is confidential and only available through officially sanctioned adoption channels.

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