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Kiah's Story

7 years old

Down Syndrome, Gastrointestinal Condition

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Meet Kiah

Whether you’re a new or old friend, Kiah loves to be close to people. And you’re sure to get a laugh and giggle out of her when she’s being spun around in someone’s arms!


Recent Updates

We often say Kiah is a little fish because of how much she loves the water. She is completely in her element there, splashing and swimming around in the pool. We all love pool days, but none of us more than Kiah!

We had so much fun celebrating Kiah’s seventh birthday recently! Kiah had a great time playing with the balloons at her party. We love her very much, and we’re praying for big and exciting things for her seventh year.

Kiah loves the playroom at Maria’s Big House of Hope. There’s a tunnel that she likes to lay in, roll around in, or play peek-a-boo in! Kiah’s a lot of fun, and we love her very much.

Kiah’s smile melts our hearts, and we’re smitten with her gruff laughter. She gives the biggest hugs, and she loves to play with the hair of whoever is holding her.

Kiah is having a great time in preschool, and her teacher is very proud of her.

We had a great time welcoming the Fall season to Maria’s with a festival. The children had fun dressing up in costumes and collecting treats like candy, stickers, and bubbles from different caregivers around the room. Kiah looked adorable dressed as Minnie Mouse, complete with a big red tutu and sparkly mouse ears!

Kiah is dearly loved by those around her, and she’s opening up more and more each day.

Kiah spent part of her summer in Beijing where she swam often and had a great time, and then in late July she moved to Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang. She is adjusting well to the move and her nannies are loving having her around again.

Kiah joined preschool at Maria’s, and her teacher is proud of how well she has done in the transition. She is attentive in class and likes to do the crafts and other activities.

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