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Kellan's Story


Spina bifida

Meet Kellan

Kellan is a silly little boy with a voice that will melt your heart. He is kind, and full of joy. Kellan has special nicknames for his friends and he giggles whenever he calls out to them. He has a great sense of humor, which keeps him and everyone around him laughing! 


Recent Updates

We are overjoyed that Kellan has been able to join his family through adoption at last! Thank you for all the ways you have cared for him by following his story, praying for his needs, and  generously supporting the work that enabled us to care for him. Kellan is kind and so much fun. Please continue to pray for him and his family as they transition together.

Right now Kellan’s favorite thing to do is to color (or as he says in Mandarin, “huà huà”). He’ll often ask for a friend to draw on his face, and then he gets so tickled!

We love the way Kellan celebrates his friends! He has so much fun at birthday parties, and recently kept us entertained by his adorable attempt to eat his cupcake without using his hands. He does not like to have dirty hands!

We had a great time welcoming the Fall season to Maria’s with a festival. The children had fun dressing up in costumes and collecting treats like candy, stickers, and bubbles from different caregivers around the room. Kellan dressed up as Luigi complete with a car that fixed over his ZipZac chair, green overalls, and a green hat and moustache (which he preferred to wear on his hand instead of his face!). He was adorable!

The start of fall has brought much cooler weather to Luoyang, and the children and nannies have been enjoying lots of time outside. They like to bundle up and spend their mornings outdoors, and Kellan looks adorable in his warm socks and hooded jacket. In preschool the children have been learning about seasons, and Kellan loves to point out all the falling leaves during his trips outside!

In preschool, Kellan is learning so many new things! Each week the children learn a new letter and do projects and activities based on that letter. They read stories and do crafts, and Kellan soaks it all up. Recently they learned the letter “J” and drew jellyfish and drank juice at snack time. The kids loved it! Kellan is very smart and we’re so proud of how his English vocabulary is growing.

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